Live at Chapel FM


A full solo set from Tom at Chapel FM in Leeds. Recorded on 4 November 2016.


In Conversation – Tom Hingley and Mike Joyce

Tom Hingley and Mike Joyce (ex The Smiths) recorded in conversation in Manchester on the occasion of the book launch for Carpet Burns.

Tom and Mike discuss Tom’s early life, working at the Hacienda, his time with Inspiral Carpets, the rivalries between the bands of the Madchester era and the experience of working with Mark E Smith and a young Noel Gallagher. In addition, Tom sings three Inspirals songs: ‘Move’, ‘Sackville’ and ‘Saturn 5’

Tom Hingley Band

The Tom Hingley Band are a three piece dirty electric Blues Rock band, with Tom on vocals and guitar, Ste Pearce on bass and Malc Law on drums.

Here’s an interview with Tom talking about band at LeeStock Music Festival 2014

And here’s a clip of the Tom Hingley Band in action

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Tom performs ‘Leaving It All Behind’ at Deer Shed Festival on 21.07.13.

A review of the festival Q&A session in The Northern Line.

‘A question and answer session between TOM HINGLEY (former singer with the Inspiral Carpets) and DAVE SIMPSON (Author and journalist from the Guardian). This event drew a huge crowd showing that Tom’s claims that the Inspirals were a great band are true. They had number one albums, they sold out arenas, they were part of the Holy Madchester Trinity. Yet their place in pop history seems to be as the band a certain Noel Gallagher roadied for. This is very unfair as Tom points out. He also reminds us that on this very day 23 years ago his band had sold out the GMEX Centre in Manchester. I was there and at the time they were one of the biggest bands on the planet. Time may not have been kind to their legacy and the fact they have re-formed without their lead singer probably doesn’t help. Tom, at times, does seem a little bitter but always stops short of being too critical. After the talk, which was excellent, he performs a few tunes. He does 3 or 4 Inspirals hits which go down a storm. What I took away was a yearning to listen to “Life”, the superb debut from 1990, and a thought that my time machine had only managed to move two years!!!’