A Bath Encounter


I was walking up Milsom Street in Bath last night, when I spotted your book ‘Carpet Burns’ in the window of Waterstones. I stood and looked at it, thinking to myself  how much I had loved you and Inspiral Carpets when I was a ‘baggy’ teenager watching you at the UEA in Norwich in 1990/1991.

I have also seen you play a solo set a couple of times in Bath recently.

So I wandered, reminiscing, up Milsom Street, turning the corner onto George Street, when you walked past me.

That is why I – so rudely – pointed at you and said “Hey!”.

I didn’t know you were playing at Moles last night or I would have come along.

I was so shocked to see you in person.  Please forgive me because pointing – as we all know – is rude.

I hope you had a good gig in Moles.


P.S. I would never go to see Inspiral Carpets without you singing. Surely it would be like The Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger?

An email to Tom, sent Sat 1 September 2012