Hertfordshire Mercury Interview

Tom Hingley is most famous for being the former frontman of Inspiral Carpets, but the Madchester band is only a small part of what he has achieved.

The 47-year-old, who is part of the big finale for next month’s Rock at the Castle music event at Hertford Castle, has been performing since he was a child.

He told the Mercury: ‘I’ve been playing in bands for 36 years. Inspiral Carpets was happy and successful but it’s not representative of what I’ve done.

‘Most of the times I’ve been playing with other bands or playing solo. Inspiral Carpets was eight years of that.’  Tom split with the band last year after an argument and records their whole journey, with its highs and lows, in his memoir, Carpet Burns.

However, he harbours no hard feelings towards the group, whose past hits include ‘This Is How It Feels’ and ‘She Comes In The Fall’ and who are now fronted by singer Stephen Holt.

Tom said: ‘We fell out and I’m not with them any more. They can do what they want.

‘I sang on every single hit they ever had. Young people don’t know the history of the band and the guy singing now didn’t sing any of the hits.

‘We supported Paul Simon and sold a million records. It was a happy time and most of the book is a celebration of an important band.

“We ended badly but that happens with bands.’ What the musician does have an issue with are the singing talent shows such as The X Factor and The Voice that aim to guarantee the winner immediate fame and success.

‘It’s telling people that if you’ve got talent, you will be successful,’ said Tom.

‘But there’s far more talent than requirement. You’ve got to be talented and you’ve got to have luck and you have to be in the right place and you have to work very hard.

‘I don’t think these programmes reflect that you’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to put the hours in.

‘The X Factor appears to pluck a person out of obscurity and make them a star but it’s not like that.

‘An important part of it is being nice so people want to work with you. You won’t survive if you’re a diva.’

A short interview with Tom from The Hertfordshire Mercury

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