Carpet Burns

Carpet Burns is Tom Hingley’s account of his life as lead singer of Inspiral Carpets, one of the big three bands of the Manchester movement who, along with The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, changed music for a generation. Tom’s own words provide an account of what it felt like to be in the eye of a pop hurricane and what happens when the hits end and the arguments kick in.

‘A must for all Inspirals fans and devotees to popular culture of the time. (Want to know where Noel Gallagher first cut his teeth?) The book could also act as a how-to or how-not-to guide for surviving the music industry, a business not famed for providing soft landings or aftercare.’ – Eartwister

‘A cool as f**k memoir… a first-hand account of a fascinating era in British pop, conveyed with atmosphere and colour.’ – Record Collector

‘Entertaining and refreshingly frank.’ – The Big Issue

‘Oh my God! Every band is the same. I couldn’t put it down.’ – Peter Hook


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>>VIDEO: Recent performances, solo and with band. Plus book launch footage and video interviews on Carpet Burns.
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One thought on “Carpet Burns

  1. It really is a strange feeling, to have those people who you have never really had any personal contact with but feel as though you have known for most of your life suddenly laid bare in front of you. It is even stranger that what you discover is obviously quite different to what you expect!

    Carpet Burns takes for me the best Madchester band of the era and spills their guts for all to see, warts and all.

    The book is a superb insight into the mechanics of a band, the music industry and ultimately friendship. What it delivered for me was a superb insight into the forming of, elevation and slow decline of a band that caught the mood of a nation perfectly. This all taking place in the halcyon years of the Madchester scene. If you are not paticularly an Inspiral Carpets fan there is enough insight in to the Madchester scene to sate most appetites. If you like Manchesters 2nd biggest band you can follow how Noel Gallagher got the required underpinning knowledge to go on be the force that he has become.

    Reading the book stripped away many preconceptions of what being thrust into the limelight and ultimately fame was like for me, from money worries to the way the record industry works and how people who appear to be in control of their own destinies are still mismanaged badly.

    The book for me was a well written and above all honest account, you are not going to expose yourself emotionally as Hingley does throughout the book without being sincere. I loved this part of my life and this book was written in a way that took me back with such clarity that I felt you could close your eyes and reach out and touch it.

    I’m saying no more, so buy it, read it and be COOL AS F@#K!

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